Wags Unveils His Journey and Future Plans

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In an electrifying interview with DJ Your Honor during Miami Music Week 2024, the multi-talented DJ and producer Wags, also known as Duncan Walgreen, shared his journey, challenges, and exciting future plans. The vibrant conversation unfolded at the AOC space, revealing the depth of Wags’ passion and his innovative vision for the future of music and performance.

Reflecting on his roots in Chicago, the birthplace of house music, Wags recounted his early days sneaking into nightclubs and performing at private events. His early exposure and relentless passion led him to significant milestones, including playing at Ultra Music Festival at just 17. This set the stage for an illustrious career, performing globally and opening for icons like Eric Prydz and Tiesto.


During the interview, Wags passionately discussed his spontaneous DJ sessions, highlighting a memorable impromptu performance with his friend Gustavo. “Those moments of unplanned creativity are what keep the energy alive,” he said, emphasizing the joy and excitement such experiences bring.

A significant part of the conversation delved into Wags’ production techniques, particularly the importance of studio monitor size. This technical insight underscored his commitment to quality and precision in his music production, crucial for both his audio and multimedia design projects.

Looking ahead, Wags unveiled his ambitious plans to launch his own record label, Assorted Jams. He is also focused on creating immersive audiovisual experiences, promising a groundbreaking show that blends music and visual storytelling like never before. His innovative approach aims to push the boundaries of live performances, offering fans a multisensory experience.

The interview concluded with a lively “Take 5” segment, where Wags shared quick insights into his personal life and inspirations. From music’s influence on fashion to his alternate stage names, the rapid-fire questions revealed a fun and relatable side of the artist. Humorously, he described himself as a raccoon, a nod to a family history, and pondered what it means to “level up” in life.

Wags’ journey from a young DJ sneaking into clubs to an international sensation is a testament to his perseverance and creativity. As he prepares to launch new ventures and innovate in his performances, his story continues to inspire and excite fans worldwide.

For a deeper dive into Wags’ journey and future plans, listen to the full interview with DJ Your Honor. You won’t want to miss it!

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