“We Blend Seamlessly”: DJ Duo Z3LLA on Writing Together and No. 1 Single “Why Should I?”

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down with the dynamic singer-producer duo Z3LLA at the Level Awards pop-up studio in our Nexus Lounge Miami. The duo shared their inspiring journey from the start of their careers to their current position at the top of the charts. They also gave us a sneak peek into their upcoming projects, all while engaging in a fun game of Nexus’ signature Take 5 series with our resident host DJ Davis.

Though they might strike you as relative newcomers to the scene, the two parts that make up Z3LLA—multi-hyphenate musicians Julia “Juj” Seeley and Kiana Tebyani—have actually been operating within the music industry since as early as 2019. Interested in redefining this traditionally male-dominated industry with their signature house sound, which blends emotional narratives, beautifully sung melodies, and expertly produced beats, Z3LLA is clearly on a rapid come-up.


Working together first as writers on projects for other artists, the duo joined forces a year and a half ago to create the Z3LLA that we know today. They released two singles before hitting their stride with their breakthrough third single “Why Should I?”. Written almost two years ago with the help of Steve Manovski from Tileyard, “Why Should I?” is an instant summer anthem, reaching #3 on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay, and garnering significant attention from the dance music community.

Joining us at the Nexus Lounge for the first time, Z3LLA shared a little about how their writing process and why they work so well together:

“We’re very vulnerable and open with each other when writing because we’re friends before business partners. That allows us to really tap into vulnerable parts of music that some other people might not be comfortable with.”

Getting into their musical background, Z3LLA tells us that, while it might seem like their success was overnight, it was anything but that: “It took time to develop and get to where we are, but this project brought something that felt very seamless and natural.” The duo adds that they’re excited to release more music soon, having set aside much of the spring to continue writing together.

Before they head out, Z3LLA joins us for a quick game of Nexus’ Take 5 Series, where we ask our guests a series of rapid-fire questions that range from funny and weird to just plain odd. The duo shares embarrassing moments from their childhood involving wigs, chat about the tracks they currently have on repeat, and tell us a crazy story involving a co-writing session, 7/11, and some counterfeit cash…

To hear that last story in full, as well as Z3LLA’s first impressions of Miami Music Week, make sure to check out the exclusive and full-length interview below. And, as always, make sure to follow us on Instagram @nexusradiodance for more exclusive interviews with dance music’s biggest artists.

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