We Create The Melody In The Moment: Joy Rivo & JTO

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Another spectacular pair of guests from this year’s ADE, Joy Rivo & JTO, joined us in the Bowers and Wilkins pop-up studio, Amsterdam, for a quick update on where they’re at and what we can expect in the coming months.
Italian artists with the skills many young musicians dreams of, Jerry Galatioto and Giovanni Rivolo, are two up-and-coming names in the EDM world who are already making a splash. Their music is some of the most innovative progressive house on the scene, and listeners are connecting with it. With incredible tracks like “Immortal” and “Gravity,” they’re quickly growing their fanbase and if you haven’t heard their names before, then get used to them because you’ll probably be listening a lot from them in the years to come.
First and foremost, we began by asking what goes into making a Joy Rivo & JTO track. The answer was a simple one. Just one word, in fact: melodies.
For anyone who’s listened to their music, that indeed tracks. Their tracks are built around a great hook you can dance to and a tune that will resonate. You only need to hear a song like “Make You Mine” or “Rave Machine” to know that these guys care about creating tunes you’ll remember.

Digging a little further into that process, they said that finding the melody often begins by finding something they can fit to the drums. Then, by pinning down the right combination of percussive and melodic components, they can start to nail down the basics of a track, and before long the creativity begins to flow.

And where is that creativity flowing to right now? The pair say their upcoming project will be titled Project Futuri, and will be “progressive future rave.” While we don’t know much about it at present, for those who love music that pushes the boundaries of modern EDM, this will be one to look out for. Alternatively, if you’re looking to listen right now, you can also check out their latest release, a startling remix of Tenaj’s “Shined on Me”. It’s a brilliant take on a fantastic track, and it gives a sense of just how unique their sound feels.

“[Electronic music is] the face of the people… This is the moment when the music electronica is in your eyes!”

o learn more about this daring duo and their time at ADE, then go ahead and check out the full, exclusive ADE Interview below.

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