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Wellness 4 Humanity’s Pavel Stuchlik

While talking with Pavel Stuchlik, we learned how Wellness 4 Humanity is creating safety protocols for future music events and festivals. As a DJ/Producer, he was hit hard by events canceled because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Pavel helped create the Trustpass system which includes pre-and day-of-event testing to ensure everyone’s safety.

Not only a DJ and an entrepreneur, but Pavel is also quite spiritual on many levels. He sequestered himself in a completely dark cave for 10 days to get in touch with his true self. Evidence of this is his artist name, Nao-Aon which means a movement of all or none. Pavel’s mission is to unify all of us together as one, or all movement. We think Pavel might request some writing credit on Kylie’s hit “Say Something.”

Pavel opened up about his love of his IVs and keto cereal, using superpowers to improve the world and a crazy night that he was spinning an afterparty with Diplo & Morten and realized that he had less than 1 hour to get on a plane to Costa Rica. When your girlfriend is helping you brush your teeth to catch a flight, you know that your life is something special.

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