What’s Next For The Inimitable Darin Epsilon?

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Joining us in the Nexus Lounge, Amsterdam, Darin Epsilon sat down for a chat all about ADE, working with labels, and his plans for the next few months.

Darin Epsilon is more than just an artist. He’s a critic, a radio presenter, a record label owner, and a Chicago native. Over the years, he’s worked with countless other musicians, including Armin van Burin, Markus Schulz, and John Digweed. After over two decades in the industry, he’s an expert in the kind of music audiences love, and if there’s anyone knows how to get people dancing, it’s this guy.

Darin Epsilon

This year was his sixth ADE, and you’d better believe he had a pretty special show in store. Over the festival, he performed a series of performances, including the Beat Freak party and a gig for his label (Perspectives Digital) and club NL.

After such a long and jam-packed ADE, it’s only natural that the next thing he was planning to do was take a break, but not all breaks are the same. According to Darin, during his time off, he was going to “work on some unfinished ideas,” which, from an artist as prolific as he is, could mean anything from a new single to a whole album. Of course, only time will tell, and it’s certainly not time to get our hopes up yet, but that sounded like quite the tantalising hint to us.

Okay, so a possible new album might seem like a bit of a stretch from “unfinished ideas,” – especially given that his latest album EINMIX came out earlier this year – but with a work ethic like Darin’s, anything is possible.

“I usually get up [and] start working immediately. If I take a little more time off, I do a morning jog or walk - maybe I wake up a little earlier, so I have time to do that. But, every morning, I get up and go straight from the morning. Sometimes I work into the evening. It depends on how intense the day is, how much there is to do.”

Whatever he does after his break, we’re sure it’ll be another exciting move. Whether he’s working on more music or branching out further into his radio career, he’ll doubtless have the support of his thousands of loyal fans. For now, though, we hope he’s enjoying some well-earned time off and can’t wait to see what he’ll do next!

Check out the full, exclusive ADE interview below to learn more about Darin Epsilon, his worst ADE decision, and the instrument he’s always wanted to learn.

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