Why Ultra Music Festival?


Why Ultra Music Festival?

Unsurprisingly, Miami’s biggest music festival has a global reach few others can achieve. Ultra Music Festival is a music industry titan, drawing in six-digit crowd numbers for an experience like no other.

But how did Ultra reach the level of fame and popularity it has today? And what can we expect to see from this significant music festival in the future?


Twenty-Five Years of Incredible EDM

It’s been a quarter of a century since the first-ever Ultra Music Festival, and suffice it to say, a lot has changed. Since digital downloads were barely in their infancy, and electronic music was still a relatively niche genre, Ultra Music Festival has seen sweeping changes and innovations across the industry, all while showcasing the forefront of modern EDM.

Taking place at Collins Park in Miami Beach on the 13th of March 1999, the very first Ultra music festival saw artists like Paul Van Dyke, Rabbit in the Moon, and DJ Baby Anne take to the stage. Even then, the festival was far from humble, with an estimated 10,000 music lovers in attendance. Despite those numbers, however, that first year proved to be a financial failure, with the organizers losing around $20,000 by some estimates.

Fortunately for us and music lovers, the story of Ultra Music Festival doesn’t end there. Returning the following year, Ultra 2000 was a stunning success, bringing in even larger crowds. And that was just the beginning.

Global Impact

If one innovation has changed the face of music even more than digital downloads, then it’s social media. Fast and easy clip-sharing has done more for messaging than organizers could ever have dreamed, and Ultra Music Festival has always been willing to push the boundaries.

With international visibility growing, the festival organizers chose to take the brand global with Ultra Worldwide. Since then, they’ve hosted events in Japan, India, Mexico, Korea, Australia, and more, sharing incredible music experiences all over the world.

The brand only continues to expand as their RESISTANCE shows have captured mainstages from Bayford Park to Ibiza.

ultra 2010

Beyond Miami

As Florida’s second most populous city, Miami has always been an incredible cultural hub where exciting and creative projects can thrive. Ultra Music Festival is just that kind of project, but ultimately, the festival has grown far beyond its origins.

While Ultra Miami remains their most significant event, this global shift represents the strength of their musical message. Now at the forefront of their industry, Ultra connects music fans across the planet, showing how our shared love of music can bring us together.

It’s hard to know what’s coming for the future of Ultra Music Festival, but it seems apparent that their global expansion is far from over. All we can say for sure is that with 25 years of unique festivals under their belt, Ultra has undoubtedly got some incredible shows yet to come.

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