Nexus radio tracked down Jonas blue earlier this year during Miami Music Week. The break-through artist has had a successful run with an electronic cover of Tracy Chapman’s “fast car,” but if there is one thing you should never ask Jonas Blue — it would be when his next “cover” is coming out!? Jonas Blue didn’t hesitate to clear up during our interview that he is foremost an original composer, and he is not planning on being a “one cover wonder.” He mentioned that his cover of “Fast Car” was a one time thing: “That was just by chance…it just so happened that the first one (song) I did was a cover, but everything from now on is definitely going to be original.”

And Jonas Blue has stayed true to his word. His new single “Perfect Strangers” is an original production that is proving to be even more infectious than his first single. Listen to the complete interview below. “Perfect Strangers” is now playing on Nexus Radio.

The Interview: