Yolanda Be Cool: New Music, Disco, “Making It Happen.”

Yolanda Be Cool Interview.

Ever since their global hit “We No Speak Americano,” the Australian duo Yolanda Be Cool, which is comprised of Andrew Stanley and Matthew Handley has been on a roll.

The group, which is often referred to as simply “Yolanda,” after a character from the 1994 film Pulp Fiction, has gone on to release several important collaborations like “Le Bump” with Crystal Waters & Barbara Tucker, “Sugar Man,” and their more recent Disco-infused anthem “Dance and Chant.”

Yolanda Be Cool stopped by the Nexus Lounge during Miami Music Week to talk about their upcoming projects, which career paths they would have taken if had not gotten into music and more. This is Take 5 with Yolanda Be Cool!

Yolanda’s Miami Essentials.

Adam Turner: Its Adam Turner here in the Nexus Lounge at Miami Beach and I’m joined by Yolanda Be Cool. How are you?

Yolanda Be Cool: Very good.

Adam Turner: How’s your Miami going?

Yolanda Be Cool: Just got here yesterday. Played at the Catch and Release party with Fish and everyone, and that turned into 5:00 AM so…

Adam Turner: Oh, Wow. So, this is like good morning.

Yolanda Be Cool: Well I set my alarm to come here.

Adam Turner: Oh, thanks for doing that. Are you spinning at any of the parties while you’re here?

Yolanda Be Cool: Yeah, we have our own Sweat It Out, our record label party tomorrow at Barter in Wynwood with lots of crew, should be fun. And then playing at Chris Lake’s Party on Saturday night. And then I think we’re hitting a Dee Dee’s party.

Adam Turner: So that’s going to be a few late nights?

Yolanda Be Cool: Tonight, I’m free. I can only be my worst enemy tonight.

Adam Turner: [Laughs] Okay. Let’s jump straight in with five quick questions for you. Speaking of five, what are your five essential things that you carry in your DJ bag?

Yolanda Be Cool: Oh, well I used to take headphones, but now I just borrow them.

Adam Turner: [Laughs]

Yolanda Be Cool: I guess five things; Headphones, USB, which is crazy cause it used to need a record bag … that’s it!

Adam Turner: That’s it? That’s all you put….

Yolanda Be Cool: Wallet. I mean hopefully you need your credit card, maybe you don’t but, phone and wallet, hotel key?

Adam Turner: Good shout. Good shout. Okay…

Yolanda Be Cool: Hotel address?

Adam Turner: Always. I always put my room number on my notes. Cause like I always get back to the hotel. I could be sober or drunk and I’m like ‘I have no idea which room we’re at.’ What is your favorite Emoji?

Yolanda Be Cool: Whoa, I think the grateful hands for sure.

Adam Turner: So, this is interesting Matt because some people say that that’s like a high five and some people say it’s like praying.

Yolanda Be Cool: Yeah. I always thought it was like thank you. Like Buddhist’ thanks.

Adam Turner: Yeah. If you type in “thanks”- it comes up. So yeah, I’m with you on that. If you had a…

Yolanda Be Cool: I’ve gotten a lot of emojis wrong.

Everyone Loves Disco.

Adam Turner: [laughs] It’s a fine line. If you had a time machine, which decade would you go back to?

Yolanda Be Cool: Wow. I mean, you wouldn’t want to go too far backwards then it just gets too much poverty. You’re hungry, you’re cold, etc.

Adam Turner: It’s true.

Yolanda Be Cool: I’d probably hit the 70s for sure.

Adam Turner: That’s the most common answer today, because everyone loves Disco, right?

Yolanda Be Cool: Exactly, yup!

Adam Turner: Who do you stalk the most on Instagram?

Yolanda Be Cool: Whoa, my girlfriend.

Adam Turner: That’s a good answer. His girlfriend

Yolanda Be Cool: I mean our best buddy is Fish and he’s killing it so much; I just love watching what he’s up to.

Adam Turner: Oh, that’s good. I like that. Supportive. Last one, what career path would you have most likely gone in should you not have taken up music?

“Making It Happen”

Yolanda Be Cool: Whoa. Well, I have a Law Degree and I worked at a law firm for a couple of years, but I guess I didn’t take that path. And then I wanted to open a cafe, but then I worked in a cafe for two hours and realized I didn’t want to take that path. So, I’d probably be still working at that.

Adam Turner: Nice! So, just basically music.

Yolanda Be Cool: Working it. I don’t know. Honestly, I’ve started thinking I want to be a meditation teacher, but that’s down the line.

Adam Turner: Okay. That’s like, wait for when my music’s done. You wanna…

Yolanda Be Cool: Well, I think they can walk together.

Adam Turner: I agree.

Yolanda Be Cool: I’m working on making that happen.

Adam Turner: Amazing, that’s great! Lastly, what are your 2019 plans? What’s going on?

Yolanda Be Cool: So, we’re just excited, we’ve got a track coming out in two weeks on Sonny Fodera’s label Sonitoko, which we feel like it’s going to be a big one, it feels big

Adam Turner: His song is smashing it right now.

Yolanda Be Cool: Smashing it! And his label’s smashing it and he’s been smashing the tune and we’re excited about that and we’re just excited about looking forward and making 2019 […] like a nice big fresh start for Yolanda. So yeah, we’re pumped!

Adam Turner: Amazing. Cool. Well, Yolanda Be Cool, thank you so much for joining us here in the Nexus Lounge. We will see you soon.

Yolanda Be Cool: Legend. Thanks for having us.

The Interview.