You Find Your Sound By Failing To Copy Somebody Else: Argy

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Joining us at the Philips space during the Nexus Lounge, Miami edition, Argy spoke with Us about the ideal length for a DJ’s set, the most exciting up-and-coming DJs in the industry, his favorite country to perform in, and the process of developing your own sound as an artist.

With his recent Album New World drawing in listeners from all over the world, Argy is an artist with a loyal fan base who is passionate about his music.


Beginning his career at age 20, Argy is an artist whose live performances have pushed him to develop his sound further. Over the years, he’s had residencies at some of Ibiza’s biggest clubs, including DC10, HiIbiza, Pacha, Destino, and Amnesia. Naturally, for an artist with such an evident love of the performance side of his art, we wanted to learn more about what the perfect set would be like for Argy.

The ideal set length can vary massively from artist to artist. Some prefer to take their time building and developing ideas, while others prefer to give a tight, elegantly constructed show. For Argy, he says that 60 minutes is a little too short while 90 minutes is the perfect sweet spot. That being said, he describes himself as “suspicious” of very long sets.

Working internationally often takes artists worldwide, allowing them to explore and experience all kinds of music scenes. When asked about his favorite place to perform, Argy highlighted Turkey, where he says that EDM music has now broken out into the mainstream. He also noted that, although he rarely visits Greece except to see his parents, they, too, have a thriving techno scene.

“When you’re younger, when you start making music, you start by copying other people. So, when I started making music, I copied Carl Craig, Joe Cosell, and Danny Tanaglia. That was the sound I was copying when I was in school. And then you find your sound by failing to copy somebody else. Your failure to become Carl Craig makes you Argy.”

Before leaving, Argy also stopped to mention a couple of artists he’s excited to hear more from. He described Son of Son as “the most exciting producer I’ve heard in a while” while also mentioning ENAI, another young producer he’s worked with recently.

If you’d like to learn more about Argy, his new album, his inspirations, and what drives him outside of music, then why not check out the full, exclusive Nexus Radio interview? You can also follow his social media on Instagram for all the latest about their upcoming releases/concerts.

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