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Zack Martino : I Don’t Know Who The Singer is On My Record

Zack Martino stopped by the  red-carpet event presented by BPM Supreme® and Big Joe® for his first-ever Miami Week and Winter Conference!

Martino may be relatively new to the scene, but he has already garnered considerable club-play and airplay through various remixes of his with different artists. One of those remixes is Mako & ’s “Real Life” which is currently in rotation on Nexus Radio. Last year, Martino released called “Hold On To Me” which received considerable airplay, reached hit #1 on Choice, and topped several dance music charts. We asked him how this song came to be:

“I was just working on it-I got the instrumental, I was working on that and I got the acapella and then one thing led to another and it just came to be.”

Zack Martino

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In an interesting twist, Zack Martino does not seem to have a clue who the singer is on his record!

“Well that’s a crazy thing. My friend wrote the song and he sold it to a sample pack, and then the sample pack released it, and to this day I don’t know who the singer is, but we should definitely link up.”

Zack Martino

Regarding future projects, Martino tried his best not to share any details about a future collaboration with an artist who was also inside the Nexus Lounge Miami; we suspect that it might be either or Alicia Madison- we will just have to wait and see.

To learn more about Zack Martino, including which two DJs he’d like to perform at his wedding, who he would take on a trip around the world, and his advice to his 15-year-old self; click on the full audio interview below↓

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