Zack Martino in the Mood for Good Vibes.

Zach Martino Interview.

Staten Island native, Zach Martino has been taking the Electronic Dance Music industry by storm with his unique sounding releases. Producing music ranging from heavy, suspenseful Stormers to bittersweet, summery dance-pop tunes, Martino has gained over a million monthly listeners on Spotify, with over 50 million streams, and is already one of the most exciting talents in the EDM music right now.

Zack took time to speak with us in the Nexus Radio Lounge during Miami Music Week 2019. Speaking about his single Good Vibe with BRKLYN, Zack was amazed at how fast the track came together.“That record came about in just I think two days. We, he (BRKLYN) slid in the track into my DM and then the rest is history.”

New Chapter.

Newly minted as an exclusive Armada artist, Zach shares his excitement about his upcoming projects with the label and his upcoming collaboration with an upcoming vocalist named Leo. “You know, I was putting out a lot of singles. I have songs on a bunch of labels, like Big Beat, Enhanced, and Armada. I was just all over the place with remixes and stuff. And just recently I signed an exclusive record deal with Armada Music. So I’m very excited for that. We have so much planned, So much new music, working with a lot of new vocalists, upcoming vocalists. Right up there is Leo, and he’s going to be, in my opinion, [one of the] biggest [vocalists]. So, very excited to be working with him, it’s gonna be awesome.”

Zack Martino also has another single coming up – ‘Mood’ ft. Dyson. The new single is expected to have a pop, deep-house vibe to kick off his new chapter with Armada.

To learn more about Zach Martino, including who he’s been stalking on Instagram and more, listen to the entire interview below!

The Interview.