Zonderling is ‘the sound of the future’

Zonderling joined us at the Nexus Radio red-carpet events during Miami Music Week presented by BPM Supreme® and Big Joe®

Zonderling are a trailblazing Dutch duo consisting of Jaap De Vries and Martijn Van Sonderen, the pair have been receiving a lot of praise and recognition lately for their unique production style.  Their remix for Lost Frequencies “Crazy” has been receiving so much attention- they’ve been dubbed “the sound of the future” by many dance-music heavy-weights.

Last time we spoke with Zonderling, we had a rare occasion of nabbing both members for an interview. However, this time it was only the DJ and front-man Jaap who was to represent the group during Miami Music Week. Jaap talked to us about his massive collaboration with Lost Frequencies as well as  upcoming new music:

“We actually put out a new single last Friday. It’s called “Night Call” featuring Kye Sones- a UK singer. We’re actually just finishing a music video for that as well. It’s more like a pop track. Before that we did “Crazy” with Lost Frequencies and last time that we spoke you asked us ‘Hey, what’s the plan with Lost Frequencies?’- a month later the song came out- it’s incredible. I mean it opened so many doors to us, and it’s super different from what we normally do, but it’s so good. We feel it’s a combination of our sound [and] flow and his top-lines, guitars and yeah- it turned out pretty nice. We’re really proud of it.”

The duo show no signs of stopping soon, their “Crazy” remix by Lost Frequencies has garnered over 42 Million views on YouTube and continues to impact dance radio.

To learn more about Zonderling, including which country Jaap would spend the rest of his life in, who he’d take on a trip around the world, and a special message to his fans- listen to the full audio interview below↓

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