720x405-diplo3The Associated Press have declared their ‘Top Songs of 2015,’ and it’s everything you’ve already heard.

It’s apparent at a glance that by ‘top’ they mean ‘pervasive’ and ‘commercially successful.’ If you feel like you’ve been out of the popular music scene loop, don’t worry- all the names are still going to ring a bell, save for maybe a few newcomers like Elle King. The chart is topped with ubiquitous hits like, “Where Are U Now,” by Jack U which is the monster-sized lovechild of Diplo and Skrillex. This is all much to Diplo’s chagrin I’m sure. He was just semi-b*tching to The New York Times about how “Lean On” was glanced over for a Grammy nomination. The snub spurned some choice comments from the usually laid-back producer, who was quoted saying:

“I just wish “Lean On” got nominated. It had the most streams of the whole year — of any song ever existing in the history of music. But whatever, maybe next year. Our song doesn’t exist in any genre. We’re just an act that doesn’t make any sense for record or song of the year. We couldn’t even be nominated for reggae, because we’re just too weird. It doesn’t fit anywhere else, so we kind of cursed ourselves with a massive song. But I’m happy to have “Where Are Ü Now” nominated.”

This was preceded by a sarcastic ‘thank you’ after it was revealed that he had received over 40 million Shazams over the past year, 27 million of them being for “Lean On.” He hopped on Facebook to say,

“I guess that means no one knows my music or who the f I am since u had to Shazam me 40 million times .. U could have just followed me on Soundcloud it would save you some time.”

At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before he overthrows Deadmau5 as ‘The Most Querulous Producer on Social Media,’ left to troll sell-outs and up-and-comers alike in 140 characters or less. This is yet another list where “Lean On” is treated like the red-headed step-child of an already under-appreciated genre. Call it the sweet, sweet irony of an artist’s life, Dip. Congratulations still needs to be given to the overwhelming volume of attention “Where Are U Now” has continued to receive.

Surprisingly, this was not the only EDM related name to be included on the AP’s Pop-soaked list. Not-as-surprising is the fact that it was the omnipresent Calvin Harris to accompany, with his Deep House hit, “How Deep is Your Love.” The list’s honorable mentions include Adele and Janelle Monae. You can check out the full line-up below.

1. “Where Are U Now,” Skrillex and Diplo featuring Justin Bieber

2. “Let It Go,” James Bay

3. “Worth It,” Fifth Harmony featuring Kid Ink

4. “How Deep Is Your Love,” Calvin Harris and Disciples

5. “Ex’s and Oh’s,” Elle King

6. “Trap Queen,” Fetty Wap

7. “Burning House,” Cam

8. “Rise Up,” Andra Day

9. “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” Naughty Boy featuring Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin

10. “Pablow the Blowfish,” Miley Cyrus

Honorable mentions: “Hello,” Adele; “Classic Man,” Jidenna featuring Roman GianArthur; “Cool for the Summer,” Demi Lovato; “Alright,” Kendrick Lamar; “Yoga,” Janelle Monae featuring Jidenna; “Good for You,” Selena Gomez featuring A$AP Rocky; “Drip Drop,” Yazz and Serayah McNeill of “Empire” cast; “Home Alone Tonight,” Luke Bryan featuring Karen Fairchild; “The Hills,” The Weeknd.

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