Axwell /\ Ingrosso might have some new tracks out in the near future, EDMTunes reports. A post on Reddit by user KeepDreaming123 of a screenshot of the Swedish DJ duo’s Spotify account, indicating that we’ll be hearing something new in the next few months. “The band headline festivals worldwide,” it reads, “and are developing a recording hub of new producers under their publishing arm, Good Father Studios and Good Mother Publishing raising and developing new talent. New music is expected from the duo in April 2018.”

Their last album, ‘More Than You Know,’ was released in 2017 and “contains eight top 10 billboard hits and has amassed over 1 billion streams.”

Axwell Ingrosso have also been in the news recently due to rumors of a Swedish House Mafia reunion. Steve Angello watched Axwell Ingrosso’s set at the Don’t Let Daddy Know festival recently, which sparked wild fan speculation. “Steve Angello actually took the time to watch Axwell Ingrosso perform and do some of his own SHM reminiscing. This is a pretty rare occurrence generally, and a good sign perhaps,” says EDMTunes.

However, don’t read too closely into this – everyone has been denying all rumors of a reunion. Billboard reports that all three former SMH members “have done a social media overhaul by swapping out all of their profile pictures and banners with a fresh image of their logo,” but manager Amy Thompson said on Twitter that it was just routine clean up.

We’ll all just have to wait until Ultra Miami, where Axwell Ingrosso are headlining, to find out if the rumors are true!

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