Ahead of the 2018 Grammy Awards, DJ Calvin Harris said he grew a beard “to be taken seriously”

The producer and DJ- said in a series of tweets this week that he sprouted facial hair to impress the Recording Academy in hopes of winning a Grammy.

“Last year I grew a big ol beard in order to be taken seriously by the Grammys as a producer. It worked to an extent – my Producer of the Year nomination came through and I was happy the beard was performing as well as I had hoped,” Harris wrote.

“But unfortunately this weekend I learned that even a new beard has its limitations. On Sunday I lost out to the incredible Greg Kurstin,” he said. “A big ol beard can only take you so far. An important lesson learned that i am happy to pass forward to all of you good people.”

“Now my beard is gone, the experiment completed and I can move forward with 2018” the star added.