From rain to sun, meet ‘Raindrops’ producer SNBRN


From rain to sun, meet ‘Raindrops’ producer SNBRN

SNBRN - Raindrops
SNBRN – Raindrops


Meet ‘Raindrops’ producer SNBRN.  Kevin Chapman talks to Nexus about working with Lina Dunham, Dirty South, Kerli and a more.

DJ Ron: This is DJ Ron talking to SNBRN. How are you doing today?

SNBRN: How is it going man?

DJ Ron: Doing great. I’ve got a really important question for you. If you had to do a track with Lena Dunham singing, what style would it be?

SNBRN: Oh God, maybe it’s R&B. I think that’s something that would be very, very interesting.

DJ Ron: What was your first official remix you did?

SNBRN: My first official was for Dirty South: Unbreakable.

DJ Ron: How did they respond and how did you respond when it happened?

SNBRN: It was just … Wow! I’ve been following Dirty South since I was like 16, it was huge honor, I was like “yeah, let’s do this”, and it just all came together, and he loved it, and the whole team loved it.

DJ Ron: What was it like working with Curly in the studio?

SNBRN: So much fun! It was such an unexpected experience because I really had no idea like how he was gonna be and stuff like that, and it just turned out to be like the goofy expression. We were in Venice, we reached California just hanging out on the beach talking about stuff, and it just turned into such a great fun experience.

DJ Ron: Have you worked with vocalists in person before?

SNBRN: Wanted to, but nothing quite like this. This was more of like coming together to write this whole song. I’ve worked with vocalists, so I kind of have what they wanna do, or like covers or stuff like that but this was like my first real, like, come together song-writing experience with somebody.

DJ Ron: Which came first, the track or the lyrics?

SNBRN: It was actually the lyrics! Yeah, the lyrics came first, we got in the studio and just kind of did, she, I lay down and I just hit a couple different chords and stuff like that. She gave me so much to work with and then I kind of spliced it together, wrote the song, and then went back and then she changed some stuff in the lyrics and then that was kind of it.

DJ Ron: Are you working on more songs with her?

SNBRN: I think I will be! We talked about it and have to get in the studio again, but we just had so much fun..

DJ Ron: Of course, and what would you like to say to all of your fans out there?

Sunburn: I wanna thank you guys so much for supporting me over the past 7 months now. Stay tuned, I promise there is so much stuff I can’t wait to share with you guys.

DJ Ron: Have a great day, and thank you so much for your time.

SNBRN: Of course, thank you very much.

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