c-11-n-13-2015-10-02Lady Gaga stole the cover of Billboard as their 2015 Woman of the Year.

The songstress has come along way since her ‘Poker Face’ days. Her brand grew to promote her as a fashion icon, establish an expiremental acting career, and produced four studio albums, including Cheek to Cheek, a collaboratiobn with the legendary Tony Bennet. The out spoken celeb has put in the necessary work to be called anyone’s “Woman of the Year”. The honor included an interview where the starlet talks about various thing, including her role in the industry today. Billboard quotes her, saying:

“You can’t sell your soul once you make it. It’s a big mistake to just go after the money to try to stay on top. I think that’s what everyone wanted me to do. But I’m a different kind of girl, and when being different is not in style it’s hard for me to function.”

You can take a look at the stars stunning photos from the shoot and read some more highlights here.