Genre-Defying Artist UnderLux Teases Upcoming EP “Hacking The Circuits”


Genre-Defying Artist UnderLux Teases Upcoming EP “Hacking The Circuits”


From Denver’s electronic music scene emerges UnderLux, an artist who defies traditional genres. He’s well-known for creating music full of atmosphere, emotion, and experimentation, and his musical journey is a prime example of his innovative style. Starting in pop-punk, he’s now crafting tunes that reflect his passion for electro-soul, house, and bass music, which earns him recognition and a devoted fanbase in Denver.

UnderLux’s musical signature paints a seamless fusion of eerie beauty and captivating sound, leading to collaborations with celebrated artists like Maddy O’Neal, Vincent Antone, Homemade Spaceship, and MIDIcinal. His live performances, featuring intricate melodies and captivating rhythms, have graced venues such as JING Las Vegas, DAYLIGHT Beach Club, and Club Blue in Bogota, Colombia. With all these, one thing is sure: he’s dedicated to exploring new musical territories.

The artist is gearing up to release his upcoming EP, “Hacking the Circuits.” This 3-track collection shows off his talent for pushing the boundaries of music. It’s dynamic, full of feelings, and will take you on a musical adventure that doesn’t stick to just one style.

Aside from the EP, UnderLux is busy with many surprises for his fans. “I will make more music while expanding my knowledge of sound design. I also offer mixing, mastering, and song consultation services that truly excite me, allowing my multi-genre experience to shine while helping friends and clients craft their ideas of the perfect song,” the DJ teases.

With his unique sound and creative approach to making music, UnderLux is a rising star in the electronic music world, and you’ll want to keep an eye on him in the future! To learn more about him, check out our exclusive interview below, where he shares three songs he’d listen to for the rest of his life.

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you?

More Music, more shows, and more creative risks. I have my house EP, Hacking The Circuits coming out on October 27, and some shows I’m not yet allowed to announce. A melodic trance remix for the group Shae District is coming out in late fall, and a fantastic afro-house track with a lovely group called Future Joy will be released on a great label in February. In the meantime, I will make more music while expanding my knowledge of sound design. I also offer mixing, mastering, and song consultation services that truly excite me, allowing my multi-genre experience to shine while helping friends and clients craft their ideas of the perfect song. 

Q: What are your thoughts on the meaning of success, and how do you define success for yourself?

If you are happy, you are successful. Many artists determine their success on show numbers, money, and accolades, which is the quickest way to burn out. I’m happy if I can make a song I enjoy and can share with the world. I genuinely believe that if you find happiness in your work and the products you make, all the more significant achievements will surely follow. 

Q: What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever bought?

The most humbling thing I ever bought was a pair of 650-dollar shoes. I then tried to go into a club in Boston with my brother, where they didn’t allow sneakers. When my brother stood up for me and said, “Those are $650 shoes, they should count,” the bouncer replied, “If those are $650 shoes, then he can buy a $300 table and wear whatever he wants.” I didn’t have $300 for a table or $650 for the shoes I bought with a credit card, so that night, I learned the importance of financial responsibility and staying humble in your lifestyle. From that day on, I wore the same pair of $45 Vans every day for three years and borrowed dress shoes from my brother if the occasion called for it. 

Q: What's the most memorable fan encounter you've ever had?

I would have to say one of my favorite fan interactions was at a festival in Fort Collins, Colorado. This man was going so hard my entire set, hyping up everyone around him and genuinely being a fantastic presence. When it got too crowded, he put two girls on his shoulders so they could have space and get a better view. After my set, I had to find him and get his Instagram. I had my photographer send him some hilarious photos we took of him, and he got them framed, and they hang behind his desk on his office wall to this day. 

Q: Where and when would you go if you could travel back in time to any moment in history?

 I would love to travel back to ancient Celtic times. Being raised in a die-hard Irish family in Boston, I am very proud of my heritage and history. I find the aspect of Celts defending their lands and using poorly crafted weapons and armor incredibly brave and exciting. I would relish the opportunity to experience the intense emotions of fear, pride, and brotherhood my ancestors must have experienced while warring with other countries. 


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Q: If you could only listen to three songs for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose?

“Take It Easy” by The Eagles, “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John, and “I Am A Cloud” by Boy Hits Car.

Q: What is your philosophy on happiness, and how do you strive to maintain a sense of happiness and well-being?

You must find happiness in everything you do. A nice cup of tea can bring joy. A good book. A hard laugh with your friends or a hug from the person you love. I believe so many people put happiness on belongings or success when dopamine is readily available in today society. When I get depressed, I list everything I have and enjoy, which tends to cheer me up. If that fails, I enjoy watching bloopers from my favorite movies and TV shows. Watching people laugh always makes me laugh; soon, my troubles don’t seem so big. For health, nothing is better than a good hard workout, a hot shower, and a delicious meal. My favorite happens to be duck ramen from Uncle in Denver or some spicy crab legs from The Crawling Crab. 

Q: How do you see dance music evolving in the future?

I am very excited to see how dance music changes. More and more artists are bending genres each year, and people are becoming more accustomed to their favorite artists experimenting with sounds and evolutions of sets. On the production side, I would love things to become more touch-controlled. If I could use Ableton with my hands for automation and squeezing and expanding areas hands-on in replace of a mouse, I would be delighted and think it could change the aspect of creating live sounds and shows immensely. 

Q: If you could switch lives with any other celebrity for a week, who would it be?

Rick Rubin. I have been a massive fan of his work and outlook on life. To have the opportunity to sit back and coach such talented artists and give suggestions that could change someone’s entire outlook on a song, or their life is a dream of mine. 

Q: What's the weirdest thing you've ever Googled?

How to boil an egg. Every time, I see different answers, and to this day, I have yet to master the culinary talent it takes to cook one properly myself. 

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