Is AI Taking Over The World? Why Armin van Buuren’s Latest Track Is So Topical


Is AI Taking Over The World? Why Armin van Buuren’s Latest Track Is So Topical

In recent months, we’ve all been impressed by the stunning artwork of online AI image generators such as DALL.E and Mid journey, but these are only the tip of the iceberg regarding recent AI developments. In every field, from writing to -making to music, new tools are being released daily to help creators develop their content.
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With that in mind, there’s been a better moment to start a conversation about the place of AI in our society, and you’d better believe has just dropped himself right into the middle of that discussion.

A Brand New Track

It’s hard not to be hyped about any new track from Armin van Buuren, but this latest one will be an instant earworm. With an almost industrial, tech-driven feel, this track shows us the sound of a world where computers write music.

With MacBook-generated vocals and a catchy beat, “Computers Take Over The World” is a tongue-in-cheek nod to the idea of AI-driven music. By taking advantage of the rhythmic sound of the MacBook’s voice and working that into the beat, plays to its strengths in a new and exciting way.

Now it’s worth saying that, although this track might use computers, it’s not actually written by them. This is a crafted song with deliberate artistic intentions. It’s not just that he’s used a computer-generated voice for the vocals, but that he’s done so to create an effect. On the one hand, her voice is toneless, tuneless, and entirely without emotions, but that artistic decision only enhances the whole track.

However, this track’s natural brilliance is in how little it tries to say. For the most part, it’s just a light-hearted comment on computers in music, but it has the potential to inspire broader discussion about the place of AI in art.

AI-Driven Marketing

Of course, art certainly isn’t the only place where AI has made incredible strides. Across the board, Armin van Buuren’s marketing team has used a wide range of AI tools to help promote this track. With social media assets created by Munch App, Artwork made by Stable Diffusion, and even press releases are written by OpenAI Playground; his team is pushing the boundaries of the modern approach to marketing.

The Future Of AI In

But is this all just a gimmick? Or is it the future of the industry?
The truth is that, right now, the power of AI is surprising us all. So while Armin van Buuren’s track and subsequent marketing campaign may be a unique way of getting eyes on his latest release, it also represents the beginning of a new approach to content creation.

In the years to come, fans and creators will have to consider essential questions about how we relate to and art in general. For example, does it matter if art has a human creator? Should AI be allowed to take over the jobs of experts and professionals? And if so, is there any space for human beings in an industry run by computers?

These questions are scary, but fortunately, Armin van Buuren’s track is not. Instead, it’s a fun song that will likely stick with you for its great beat and unique sound. So, if you’ve not heard it already, go ahead and give the track a listen because while computers might be making music, they haven’t learned to enjoy it yet.

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