Joe and Ciara Can Do That


Joe and Ciara Can Do That


NBC has launched a new show called I Can Do That on Tuesday nights where six star entertainers compete by showing off their talents with unique acts. After a week of training they perform in front a live audience who then votes for their favorite giving them points on a weekly basis. Marlon Wayans is the host and contestants include dancer Cheryl Burke, comedian Jeff Dye, actor Alan Ritchson, and singers Ciara, Joe Jonas, and Nicole Scherzinger.

We called up the Grammy nominated Ciara and the Jonas brother Joe to talk about the show at a press conference.

Question: Why did you decide to do this show in the first place, Joe?

Joe Jonas: The reason I decided to do this show I think it was probably the fact that when I sat with the producer and we kind of talked the concepts, it was something that I never heard anyone has really done. It was bringing all of my favorite shows together. You have little pieces of The Voice and America’s Got Talent. The cast is really fun and new friends of mine. I had a week to learn this stuff and conquer them. I really enjoyed the challenge.

Q: What was your favorite skill that you performed?

JJ: This show threw me into situations I really never thought I would do. I was able to learn quite a bit of stuff. For me personally, I’ve worked on some aerial stuff that was kind of mind blowing and painful. That was probably one of my favorites.

Q: Did you learn anything in the process of filming the show that you could use in your career?

JJ: Yes, it’s funny. A lot of the musicians on the show, we’ve been talking about how we’re going to incorporate things we’ve learned into live concerts or award shows.

Some magic stuff that I learned on the show I think visually would be really exciting to put into a performance.

Ciara: I was very super inspired. I have to say first we’re very blessed and a big thanks to the whole NBC team because we’re all so very spoiled in the sense with all the production and stuff that was happening. I’ve always been a big dreamer, but my dreams were even bigger after leaving this show. You really get to see a whole level of production that you don’t see every day in all of our performances doing our shows here and there around the world. I’m truly so glad that I pushed myself and I actually got to be a part of it. I do believe as an artist and an entertainer it allowed me to grow. I walked away like, “Wow, I do now know I can do.”

I’ve always believed in myself but you can pretty much do almost anything. Like at least that’s how you feel leaving the show.

Q: Joe, had you seen the Blue Man Group before? It is a big success in Chicago. I saw a clip of the show where you are doing something with that.

JJ: I’ve never seen the Blue Man Group actually. From an early age, I’ve wanted to go to their show in New York and then a couple of times in Vegas. I’ve never really had the opportunity to go. I had an idea of what they do but no offense to them, but I thought they were kind of in a way like a clown group or something. I had no idea how complicated what they do is. I mean going to the show I was blown away. I was working with them for a week. It was definitely not enough time. They don’t put people on their show until six months to a year. So it was a very cool thing for them to allow us to work with them. And they’ve never don’t this before where they’ve had outside people become Blue Man for a week. So it was kind of a very honoring situation as well.

Q: What was it like working together on the show?

Ciara: Oh it’s so much fun, you know. The cool thing is I can say for myself I think maybe a few people on the cast actually did work with each other on other stuff, but for me I never work with anyone that I work with during the season. It really was fun. Joe and I, we like joke about it but we really are friends beyond the show. I think that’s so amazing about experiences like this is that you get to grow within your own world of what you do but you also get to meet really amazing people that could inspire you, that you also become support for one another in what you do in different fields. Honestly, it’s like experiences like this, I really took it all the way in and for every aspect of what it was beyond my personal part of just my challenges as an entertainer. The friendships that I was able to build were really awesome and it also added to the experience.

Q: Was there parts that were easier or harder than you thought in these challenges?

JJ: I think there wasn’t really anything that we were approached with that was easy. Even if it was say something that was singing or dancing, it was different than what we’ve known.

I don’t want to speak for you, Ciara, but I think for us, it’s something that we kind of would be able to figure out, or you go, “Okay, I can do this in a week.” Then you’re like by day two, you’re like your body is falling apart; you’re freaking and you’re like, “Can we actually do this?” So it was definitely a learning curve.

Ciara: Absolutely. I can agree with Joe one hundred percent. Every week it really was challenging. I got to learn in the process. No matter how fun it looks, it still is super challenging. We’re all still stepping into territories that aren’t familiar that we don’t do every day. For example, some things, because I can’t give it all away, but there was one of my performances that I did that it looks like so much fun, but my legs really felt like I couldn’t even walk. I was holding onto the wall to move through my house when I leave from work. When I had to get in my car to drive home, it was like I had to take like baby steps. It could have looked easy but really, everything is really challenging in its own way.

Q: What is coming out for you both musically?

Ciara: Well, I can just say right now, my current song “I Bet” is out. Thank God it’s going along very well. Actually Joe joined me on the remix of that song, which I just mine as well take the moment to say that it’s on the deluxe version of my album titled Jackie. That’s out now.

There will be a new song coming soon as well. I can just say get ready to dance, dance, dance away!

JJ: Well becoming friends on the show, she asked me to be a part of her song so I’m thrilled to be a part of it and I love that song. I was fan of the song already. We were just kind of singing it backstage and then it turned into a remix of the song. I love that and also I love all of her new music. So it’s really awesome. It’s on repeat.

And my stuff? I’m just really writing and recording right now. And I have kind of been in and out of the studio and taking my time, so hopefully you’ll hear something soon from me.

Q: Ciara, you performed recently in Chicago. How was it?

Ciara: I loved being in Chicago. It was amazing experience and a great way to start off the tour.

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