Just yesterday, Kaskade released a song that we have been waiting nearly a year for. Last year in May, Kaskade and deadmau5 teased us with a collaboration they were working on, which also features the vocals of Skylar Grey. Now the song is finally out! It is entitled “Beneath With Me V3.”

The song starts out with a good minute of the sweet vocals of Skylar Grey and melodic synths, before it begins dropping down to energetic bass filled beats for the next few minutes, and then switches back to the vocals. You can definitely see both Kaskade and deadmau5’s signature styles in the beats and the melody.

The last time that Kaskade and deadmau5 collaborated was in 2008 with the song “I Remember,” which was a total hit. We are glad to see another collaboration between the two of them. Apparently Kaskade was really feeling the whole uploading things to social media. Earlier this week, he also uploaded a video of his entire set from Coachella last year.

And, evidently Kaskade did not inform deadmau5 of the decision because he was completely unaware that “Beneath With Me” was going to be released! After the song was put out and people began buzzing about it on social media, deadmau5 chimed in with some confused sounding tweets before he accepted the news saying, “eh. whatever. i say roll with it @kaskade do whatever you gotta do and we’ll put it out however.”

There is also some debate as to whether this is the final version or if another will be coming out. The version that deadmau5 teased nearly a year ago was definitely an earlier version, which would make sense why they have it marked as version 3. However, it is also easy to wonder if it is only one version in a process of remaking since deadmau5 was completely unaware of it coming out. Maybe that means that it isn’t the final version? Well, either way we’ll see eventually.