Making Music and Monkeys in The Park: Catching Up With Sam Girling


Making Music and Monkeys in The Park: Catching Up With Sam Girling

Joining us at the International Music Summit in Ibiza, we spoke with Sam Girling about his latest track, his passions outside of music, and the most absurd thing he’s ever been tricked into believing.

Sam Girling is a dance floor artist at heart, but his music is more than just bouncing beats and high energy. Blending emotional vibes and that euphoric sound, Sam’s music has been taking off in 2024 as he’s been performing some of his biggest sets ever and dropping some of his hottest tracks.

Sam Girling

Speaking of hot tracks, his recent release, “Post Cause Anthem,” brings his incredible energy to a whole new level. Practically fresh off the presses, this track is the perfect distillation of everything that makes Girling’s music so different, and if you haven’t heard it already, then you’re well and truly missing out.

Now, here at Nexus, we love to do our Take5 segment, where we ask some weird and wild questions, letting us dig a little deeper into our artists – or at least have some fun trying. For Sam, one thing we wanted to know was if there was a lyric that had inspired him.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a lyric - more of a noise - but voodoo ray… That female vocal is my favorite.”

Next, we tried him on an old classic and asked about his most embarrassing moments. Sadly, he wasn’t too willing to share on that front, suggesting that he’d take those stories “to his grave”. Then again, we had more luck asking about the most absurd thing he’s ever been convinced of.

“My girlfriend - she lives in Finsbury Park in London, and I thought there were monkeys in the park, but actually it was seagulls. She convinced me for about half an hour that, no, there’s monkeys in London, roaming around, which obviously there aren’t!”

Lastly, we asked a little about his life outside of music and the passions that inspire him. Aside from music, Sam enjoys running and lifting but even then, music is still very much a part of his life. And when he’s not listening to music, he says that he’s often thinking about the track he’s currently working on.

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