One of Canada’s Top Dance Artists: Famba


One of Canada’s Top Dance Artists: Famba



Famba is a Canadian DJ and producer best known for single “Vibe,” which boasts tens of millions of streams across listening platforms. The single features singer Emily Bonabon and producer Frank Pierce. 

Famba has achieved artistic success early on. He has only been active in the industry since 2016 and has climbed up the ranks to become one of the top dance music artists in Canada. His singles “Wish You Well” and “Swear to God” both achieved Gold certified status in his home country. His music has even crossed borders to reach #1 on U.S. Dance Radio (Mediabase).

Most recently, Famba has entered the new year with latest release “Still Call You Mine,” the first song from his upcoming EP, Wishes Vol. 2. The song was released with Sony Music Canada, where his EP will be released later this year.

Earlier this month, Famba uploaded the music video for “Still Call You Mine” to his YouTube channel. The action-packed cinematic features multiple backflips, hand-to-hand combat scenes, and flashing lights. It is an exciting prelude to what listeners can expect from Wishes Vol. 2.  

To learn more about Famba, check out our interview with him below:

Q: Before we dig in, tell us about your latest project.

My next EP is called Wishes Vol. 2, and it’s the start of a new sound for me. I had a lot of time to think and reflect on what I wanted out of my artist career, and house music is definitely that. This for me is giving me the freedom to create what I love the most.

Q: What’s keeping you sane during the pandemic?

Food, video games, discord, music.

Q: What is the first album you ever owned?

Pendulum – “Hold Your Colour”. Such an influential album for me. I’ve listened to it over 100 times.

Q: How do you know when you’ve found a perfect beat/track/song/lyrics?

It just feels right. There’s usually a moment where you’re working on something and you listen back and think to yourself “Oh yeah this is it!”

Q: What Is Something You Like To Do That Other person Would Probably Consider “Weird” If They Knew?

I don’t even know where to start lol.

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Q: If you could bring one artist back to life, who would it be

I think it’s incredibly hard to choose any one artist. So many of the greatest artists were taken too early. A few of my favourite artists that have passed: Kurt Cobain, Avicii, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison.

Q: Do You Believe In The Paranormal And Would You Go Ghost Hunting?

I worked in this so-called haunted restaurant before, and some weird stuff definitely happened. I don’t know if I fully subscribe to it but I’m not willing to rule it out! I would totally go ghost hunting!


Q: What Is The Most Hilarious Childhood Memory You Can Think Of?

I can’t even pin point one, I had so many great memories as a child. I had a great group of friends and we were all trying to one up each other with laughs and jokes!

Q: What’s The Number One Item You Would Save From Your Burning House?

MY LAPTOP. It has all of my music stuff on it, so yeah without a doubt my laptop.

Q: What Goals Do You Have For The Next Year?

I just want to be the best person I can, and continue to make music and have fun while doing it. My goal has always been to make great music.

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