Pride: In-Person Events To Return


Pride: In-Person Events To Return

Pride is back! After two years of stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, we’re all excited to see in-person events returning and, for members of the Queer community, that means this June will once again be an opportunity to take to the streets and celebrate who they are.
That’s not to say Pride has been gone. On the contrary, for many LGBTQ+ people, the last two years have meant finding a way to celebrate their identity from home. Some attended virtual events, while others took the opportunity to go online and learn a little more about their Queer history.
But now, after successful vaccine rollouts across the country, many cities are bringing back their in-person Pride parades for this summer’s celebration of inclusivity.
Pride Returns

How can you take part?
Depending on where you live, there will be various exciting events taking place this summer.

In Los Angeles, events are planned between June 10th and 12th, including a music event and in-person parade, all organized by the non-profit Christopher Street West (CSW).
Then, in San Diago, various events will be taking place between July 9th and 17th. Events will include a ‘Spirit of Stonewall’ rally, a ‘5K Run & Walk’, a celebration of LGBTQ+ faith called ‘Light Up the Cathedral’, and, naturally, a parade.
Of course, it’s not all happening in California. For people living on the east coast, New York will be hosting events of all shapes and sizes across June, from a family movie night on the 15th to an entire parade on the 26th with over 110 floats. There will also be an activist rally on the 24th, a Youth Pride on the 25th, and, for those who would still prefer to celebrate from home, a virtual event called Pride Island on the 26th.
NYC PrideIs

Why do Pride parades mean so much to the LGBTQ+ community?
Pride parades have been a part of Queer life and Queer history for decades now. Some marches commemorate the Stonewall Riots, others are held in memory of those who died due to the AIDS pandemic, while some are there to give Queer folks a chance to be who they are in public without shame or judgment.

Pride represents many things to many people. It’s a protest. It’s a celebration of identity. It’s a reminder of our not-so-distant history and an important part of our present. That’s why, for all those reasons and more, it’s essential to keep Pride going.

Staying COVID safe at Pride
While vaccines, tests, and a greater understanding of the virus have given us far more control over the COVID-19 pandemic than we had last year, for many, it may still constitute a severe concern in going to a significant event like Pride. That being said there are several simple ways you can minimize your risk of contracting the coronavirus.

The first thing to mention is masks. Of course, individual events will have their policies over mask-wearing, and, for some people, this may impact your enjoyment of the event, but if you want to stay safe, then the evidence shows that you can’t go wrong with wearing a mask.
Another good idea would be to take a COVID test before and after the event. This is as much for other people’s safety is your own as you wouldn’t want to be transmitting the virus, but it should also give you peace of mind while you celebrate.
If you want to stay super safe, it’s also good to stick to outdoor celebrations that will have improved ventilation.
Finally, and most importantly, have great Pride!

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