Six Reasons Fans Love Joel Corry


Six Reasons Fans Love Joel Corry

A big part of being an artist – or any celebrity, for that matter – is looking after an audience of loyal fans. Of course, it’s no secret that some artists look after their fans more than others, but today we wanted to look at an English DJ and producer whose fans can’t help but love his friendly face and charming personality. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the six reasons why fans can’t help but love Joel Corry.

He Makes Great Music

It might seem like a prominent place to start, but you can’t build up an audience of loyal fans without giving them something they want. In Joel Corry’s case, he gives them something they need in the form of great music. His songs are endlessly danceable for parties, playlists, driving to work, or chilling with your friends.

Joel Corry

He’s Open With His Fans

In a sense, you might say that Joel Corry’s whole career has happened right in front of fans.

His first notable public appearance was on the popular British reality TV series Geordie Shore. Broadcast on MTV, he appeared on the show from 2012-2013, where fans got to know him and his then-girlfriend Sophie Kasaei.

More recently, he’s made more efforts to show the story behind the music with his excellent short-form documentary series Being Joel Corry.

He’s Genuine

It might sound like a cliche, but if one thing sets Joel Corry apart from his peers, it’s just how honest and genuine he seems. That’s not to say that other artists are putting on a face, but when your job is all about performing to crowds, it can be hard to let your personality shine through while remaining professional.

Whether in interviews, on stage, or making appearances on reality TV, Joel Corry always manages to come across as honest and sincere.

He’s Consistent

If there’s one thing fans love, it’s finding someone they can follow from success to success. Since his 2019 hit “Sorry” swept the charts, Corry has done just that with a string of popular singles, including “Lonely” and “Head & Heart.”

As a fan, it’s always good to see your favorite artist putting out new, exciting singles without taking decade-long hiatuses.

Joel Corry

He Knows His Audience

Okay, so it might sound a little crass to say it, but there is a skill in knowing which music will resonate with your audience at which time. The fact of the matter is that tastes and trends are constantly changing and that a massive part of being an artist in the modern music industry is knowing how to react to those changes and give people the thing they never knew they wanted.

Corry’s releases are almost always a perfect fit for what his audience seems to be craving, which is undoubtedly the secret to his chart-topping success in recent years.

He’s A Friendly Face

When Joel Corry appeared in Love Island 2022, fans were delighted to see an artist they knew and loved getting involved with one of Britain’s most popular reality TV programs.

It might seem like a little thing, but appearances like this are a pleasant and welcome surprise for long-term fans and an excellent way for new people to discover one of the most talented DJs in the UK today.

At the end of the day, when you put all this together, you’re left with an artist who works hard and reaps the rewards. So if you’re looking to become an artist and you want a surefire way to give back to your fans, then you couldn’t do much better than following the lead of an artist like Corry.

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