Take 5 with Gareth Emery


Take 5 with Gareth Emery

 needs no introduction here, his track Dynamite with Christina Novelli took the number one spot on Nexus Radio’s 100 of 2015. Now he has a new track called “Saving Light” on records featuring Haliene and STANDERWICK. All proceeds from Saving Light are being donated to Ditch The Label, an anti-bullying group with award winning work that spans across the U.S., U.K., and Mexico.

We always have a great time interviewing Gareth Emery- and he did not disappoint us for this installment of Take 5!

#1. What is your favourite/favorite cocktail?
Mojito if it’s made well, or one called a smokey old-fashioned from a place called the Alchemist in Manchester, UK. But only from there. I’ve had them elsewhere and hated them. That’s very specific I know.

#2. Who is your celebrity/musician/Dj crush?
Hilton, she’s got to be one of the world’s best underground DJs.

#3. Kiss marry, off the island: CVNT5, J-Lo or Christina Novelli.
I’m half of CVNT5 (oops!). So you’re offering me to marry myself? Sure, I’ll do that. Kiss Lopez. She’s still fit. Not that Novelli isn’t, but there you go. So that leads Novelli being voted off the island. No idea what island that is, but they’re your questions so I assume you do.

#4. If you had a time machine, which decade would you go to and why?
I’d go back to the 1930’s where my blues and boogie skills would be more appreciated than they are in modern day.

#5. Boxers, briefs or commando?
Boxers, I like the idea of commando but it’s too easy to catch your knob in the zip you know!

(yes! and very painful — good point.)

On all counts, that was very specific Gareth Emery! thank you for keeping it real with us. Please support Gareth/Monstercat’s call to action page to make a donation today!

“Saving Light” featuring Haliene and Sanderwick is currently impacting dance radio. Take a listen ↓

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