Take 5 with Jax Jones: Miami Music Week 2017

A magical thing about is that you never know who you are going to bump into.  At the Hamilton Remix Awards show, was literally standing next to me.  

Jax flew over for Week and “wasn’t expecting anyone to know my music.”  That’s actually hard to believe with how massive his songs “House Work” and “You Don’t Know Me” are in clubs worldwide.   “For me, jax jones body(House Work) was a song for my sets and to have a record that all my DJ peers would play.”   The track will “warm up the dance floor” but I “wasn’t expecting it to go this far.” 

The follow up “You Don’t Know Me” with Rae is just as explosive.  The lyrics are “what we are all thinking but never say.”   The beats “are what you want to hear in the club.”  The same can be said for his sick remixes of ’s “Go Deep” and ’s “Talking Body.” 

When asked what was coming next, he teased us with hints about “Instructions.” Jax is taking the sound of his Carnival VIP Remix of “Housework,” which is a “Batucada-styled Brazilian” sound and adding a proper song.  He worked with on the lyrics and is still sorting out the vocalist.  You heard about it hear first.  Listen for more great from Jax Jones, who is honored to “fly the UK flag in the US.”

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