Take 5 with Two Friends


Take 5 with Two Friends

Matt Halper and Eli Sones make up the electronic duo known as the Two Friends. They first entered the electronic charts with Forever featuring KTPEARL, followed by a remix of Tory Kelly’s Expensive and more recently with Overdose featuring Natalola.

Their Out Of Love tour (phase one) has them flying to Kansas City, Boston, Chicago, and New York in the month of February, and Barcelona in the first week of March. Click here for more information on their schedule.

First, tell us everything about your latest project. 

We’re Matt and Eli of Two Friends. So stoked about all the new music we’re putting out to kick off 2017- we just put out our latest track Pacific Coast Highway as the first single off our upcoming “Out Of Love” EP. Got some fun, summery vibes and a killer vocal from the amazingly talented MAX. Hope you guys dig it!

#1. What is your favorite cocktail or drink?

Matt: Moscow Mule
Eli: Maybe like a Gin & Tonic. But my favorite drink in general is chocolate milk.

#2. Who is your celebrity Musician/DJ crush?

Matt: Emma Watson
Eli: Natalie Portman. Matt, your answer’s solid too though.

#3. Who would you kiss, marry and vote off the Island? your options are: Amba Shepard, Dillon Francis and Ira Istrefi (The bon bon song)

Haha what an eclectic crew. Kiss Ira Istrefi, marry Dillon Francis, vote off Amba Shephard. Sorry Amba, no hard feelings.

#4. If you had a time machine, which decade would you go back to? (and why).

Definitely medieval times. Don’t even know what decade that would be, maybe like the 1230’s? Just making that up. Would love to chill in a castle and have some court jesters and jousting battles for my entertainment.

5. Boxers, Briefs or Commando?

Matt: Boxer briefs. I’m fancy.
Eli: In studio, commando. In public, boxers.

Two Friends are currently impacting dance radio with the track Pacific Coast Highway featuring MAX.

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