Ten Questions With “Pharaoh” Artist Tim Enso


Ten Questions With “Pharaoh” Artist Tim Enso


If there’s one artist who knows how to pump sound and style into every second of his tracks, it’s Tim Enso. With intense, melodic house beats that push the edge of what modern sound design can achieve, Enso is a one-of-a-kind artist bringing fresh ideas to the dance floor.

Right from the start of his musical journey, he’s been a multi-talented artist. Violin, saxophone, piano, or even accordion, he’s an instrumental explorer with the skill to break boundaries and cover new ground.

And all that talent and hard work is put to good work in his outstanding original music. With hits like 2022’s “The Weapon” and his recent EP Fallen Flower, Enso has proved that he has what it takes to craft tracks that will capture the hearts and minds of his audience. All that being said, his latest track, “Pharaoh,” is doubtless to leave new and old fans blown away.

The track is electrifying and sensational, with a core of natural dance energy. Blending a gorgeously mysterious melody with a distinctly danceable beat, “Pharaoh” has everything audiences want from a dance track in 2023 and so much more. And, of course, it comes as no surprise to anyone that the track has taken off online!

For more information about Tim Enso, his latest releases, upcoming works, and the process behind his music, be sure to check out the full, exclusive 10Q interview below!

Q: Before we dig in, what's next for you?

Currently, I’m involved in several exciting projects that are keeping me busy and motivated. Firstly, I’m thrilled to share that I have been working on my music releases. I have been collaborating with talented artists and producers to create unique tracks that reflect my artistic vision. These releases are in the pipeline and will be coming out soon, including my ‘Fallen Flower’ EP with Beacon Bloom, which is coming out on Purified Records! You can pre-save it here: https://purifiedrecords.lnk.to/FallenFlowerEP

In addition to my projects, I’m also working on some exciting music releases with other labels and renowned DJs. It’s an honour to collaborate with such established artists, and I’m eagerly looking forward to these releases. The opportunity to work with them allows me to showcase my skills and reach a broader audience.

Furthermore, I’m actively performing gigs, primarily here in Los Angeles. The local music scene here is vibrant, and I’m grateful to be part of it. I’m constantly refining my live performances, connecting with the audience, and creating memorable experiences through music. Los Angeles provides a fantastic platform for me to connect with diverse audiences and expand my fan base.

With the summer season approaching, I’m particularly excited about the upcoming events and festivals. It’s a time when music enthusiasts come together to celebrate and enjoy the music they love. I’m eagerly looking forward to being part of these events and sharing my passion for music with larger crowds.

Q: What are your thoughts on the meaning of success, and how do you define success for yourself?

To me, the meaning of success is deeply personal and goes beyond mere financial achievements or recognition. Success is when you reach a point in your life where you can look back and say, “I’ve realized my dreams and goals.” It’s about fulfilment, both personally and professionally.

For me, success is not just about external validation or meeting societal expectations. It’s about pursuing my passions, following my creative instincts, and pushing myself to grow and improve. It’s about having a clear vision of what I want to achieve and taking the necessary steps to turn those dreams into reality.

Success is also about finding a sense of purpose and making a positive impact. It’s about using my talents and platform to inspire and uplift others, spreading joy through my music, and creating meaningful connections with my audience. When I see people resonating with my work and being moved by the emotions I evoke, that’s a true measure of success for me.

Q: What's the most ridiculous thing you've ever bought?

The most ridiculous thing I’ve ever bought is a musical tie. It was a spontaneous purchase that I couldn’t resist. This novelty accessory had a hidden speaker and buttons that allowed me to play different musical notes and tunes. It was a hilarious addition to my wardrobe, and whenever I wore it, it never failed to bring a smile to people’s faces. It was a playful and whimsical item that added a touch of melody to my formal attire. While it may not have been the most practical purchase, it certainly provided a lot of entertainment and amusement.

Q: What's the most memorable fan encounter you've ever had?

One of the most memorable fan encounters I’ve had was after a concert where a fan approached me with genuine enthusiasm. They had been following my music for a long time and expressed their admiration for my saxophone play. We had a heartfelt conversation about how my saxophone solos resonated with them and created an emotional connection. It was a humbling reminder of the power of music to forge connections and leave a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Q: Where and when would you go if you could travel back in time to any moment in history?

If I could travel back in time to any moment in history, I would choose to go back to the days when my grandpa was alive. He was a significant and influential figure in my life, and I have fond memories of the time I spent with him. I would love to relive those moments, to have meaningful conversations with him, and to learn from his wisdom and experiences. It would be a precious opportunity to strengthen the bond we shared and create even more cherished memories together.


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Tim Enso

Q: If you could only listen to three songs for the rest of your life, which ones would you choose?

If I could only listen to three songs for the rest of my life, I would choose “Hotel California” by the Eagles, “Imagine” by John Lennon, and “Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

Q: What is your philosophy on happiness, and how do you strive to maintain a sense of happiness and well-being?

My philosophy on happiness is that it’s a state of mind that isn’t dependent on the materialistic world. To maintain happiness and well-being, I focus on gratitude, mindfulness, positive relationships, self-care, and finding joy in the present moment.

Q: How do you see dance music evolving in the future?

I think in the future, dance music will evolve through a fusion of genres, technological advancements, and virtual experiences and streaming. It will bring together different musical styles, leverage advanced technology, and offer immersive virtual experiences for global audiences. The future of dance music promises to be a thrilling blend of creativity, innovation, and global connectivity.

Q: If you could switch lives with any other celebrity for a week, who would it be?

If I could switch lives with any other celebrity for a week, I would choose to switch with Elon Musk. He is a fascinating figure known for his entrepreneurial ventures, innovative ideas, and forward-thinking mindset. Stepping into his shoes would offer a unique opportunity to experience the world of groundbreaking technology, space exploration, and sustainable energy solutions. It would be intriguing to witness firsthand the challenges and responsibilities that come with being a visionary leader in the business and technological realms. Plus, gaining insights into his creative process and being a part of shaping the future would be an incredible adventure.

Q: What's the weirdest thing you've ever Googled?

Well, I once found myself down a rabbit hole wondering if aliens have their social media platforms 🙂
It was a fascinating mix of curiosity and imagination, imagining extraterrestrial beings posting selfies from distant galaxies. While I didn’t find any definitive answers, it certainly sparked my imagination and made me wonder about the possibilities of cosmic communication!

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