The Disco Revolution Has Arrived

The Disco Revolution Has Arrived

Disco dominated the late sixties and early seventies with distinct melodies and bumping basslines that encouraged one and all to hit the dance floor and let loose.  Beginning in the African-American and Latino communities, disco became the cornerstone for today’s modern electronic dance music (EDM). In fact, one could argue that disco never died, it has shifted into house.

1970’s disco influence is undeniably present in many of today’s EDM hits, twisting the same syncopated melodies and dazzling instrumentals into a whole new wave of artistry. Below are four tracks that prove that disco is making a surefire comeback.

“Finally Ready,” by The Shapeshifters ft. Billy Porter

Fun, fresh, and funky, “Finally Ready,” combines the calculated beats of English producer Simon Marlin of The Shapeshifters with the legendary vocals of Broadway performer Billy Porter. Stacked harmonies and an overall upbeat tone sound more Copacabana than Tomorrowland, spinning a past classic into a new-wave listening experience.


According to Glitterbox, the track is a “declaration of Pride, of breaking free from past traumas to take a chance on love.” Porter’s passion and charm are unmissable, making this piece a must-bop for any lover of the arts.

“Emotion,” by Purple Disco Machine

Purple Disco Machine is bringing the groove back, baby! The man behind the magic, Tino Piontek, boasts an impressive discography of classic-cut disco remixes of today’s top hits. His track “Emotion,” released in the summer of 2019, is a funky, spunky, and far-out piece of music deserving of a spot on any disco playlist. Stable basslines and fresh rhythm guitar are a match made in discotheque heaven.

“Sun Keeps Rising Up,” by Mike Mago

Dutch producer Mike Mago’s recent track (featuring London vocalist Jodie Abacus) starts off more traditional EDM before vocal harmonies crash head-on into a piano synth melody that instantly transports the listener back into the days of bell-bottoms and experimental drugs. Mago mixes house music with vintage and modern mainstream themes to differentiate himself in the world of EDM. He told 360mag, “Although this track was recorded a couple of months ago, Jodie and I feel the lyrics might really connect with people now. We could all use something to lift us up at this point in time!” Nothing could be truer.

“Moving Blind,” by Sonny Fodera and Dom Dolla

The last track on the list is “Moving Blind,” the electronic masterpiece created by the Australian producers Sonny Fodera and Dom Dolla. It’s the definition of alternative disco, combing high-energy bass with pitched-down robotic vocals. The two wrote the track on tour together as more of an EDM club-ready song than a tribute to the golden age of disco, but while the track is definitely more modern club than classic-cut Studio 54, it’s still an excellent example of how old themes have made their way into new-age music.