The Pegboard Nerds stopped by Nexus Radio during their Revenge of The Nerds Tour (2017) this Saturday. It was a “no-chella” weekend for Mike and Alex, who were too busy with their own tour to think about Coachella. The “Nerds” landed in Chicago after two back-to-back shows in Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

They were due for some rest, but not before taking a couple “Sake” and vodka shots with us at the Nexus studio. In true nerd fashion, they couldn’t stop talking about Christmas and older women. They named Samantha Fox and Jasmine Wagner as their celebrity crushes.

Despite their affinity for older women, including Kylie Minogue and Mariah Carey, the Nerds ultimately voted Madonna off the island which made our host Todd Michaels gasp in disapproval! No hard feelings though, we are pretty sure they would not turn down the chance to work with her.

Alex and Mike work really hard behind the scenes. They pitched and produced over two hundred tracks for the EDM act Krewella before breaking out on their own. They also designed a lot of their own graphics, including the Revenge Of The Nerds Tour cover art. Their pixelated theme draws inspiration from old-school games as they are huge “gaming” fans, especially the NES and Super Nintendo gaming systems.

After Chicago, the Nerds take a short break before embarking on the second leg of their tour; Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Georgia, and Florida. Catch the Pegboard Nerds in a city near you!

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