The Sensational Success of Young Bombs – Take 5


The Sensational Success of Young Bombs – Take 5


Breaking in into the modern music industry can be quite a challenge. Between a post-pandemic world and an ever-changing social media landscape, artists are always on their toes, working hard to keep up with the times and get their music in front of new audiences. This week, we sat down to speak with Young Bombs – a pair of musicians who’ve found real success in that space. Over the last decade, they’ve built up a massive following of fans and won us over with their incredible, innovative music.

But how did they get where they are today?

Tristan Norton and Martin Kottmeier initially met at high school. Growing up in Vancouver, the would-be Canadian EDM duo shared a passion for making music, and once they left school, it was only too clear where their futures lay. In the years since, they’ve rocketed to fame with their amazing remixes of popular artists such as Lady Gaga, Billy Eilish, and The Chainsmokers. Add to that the success of their excellent solo tracks like ‘U Up?’ and ‘High Road’, and it’s no surprise that these two are truly finding their feet on the scene.

But what makes Young Bombs so different? Apart from their hilarious social media presence, that is?

Well, here at Nexus Radio, we were super excited to learn more about these outstanding artists and what inspires them to write such excellent music. To find out more, keep reading as we Take 5 with Young Bombs!

Q: Before we dig in, what’s next for you?

We just returned from a writing trip to London and Amsterdam and came back with a mountain of music we are so excited about. Our primary focus right now is to finish up these records and start releasing these songs into the world. We kind of slowed down with the releases throughout the pandemic, so we are so excited to get back in the groove of things with steady releases. And did we mention we are SO excited about these records?

Q: What does music mean to you?

Music is everything. We joke that it literally brings us 90% of our happiness but also equal parts misery lol the life of an artist…. Hahahaha but honestly, we love it. It’s always there when you are feeling down and it’s the heartbeat of every party! Can’t imagine life without it.

Q: Is there a song that makes you emotional?

Cat Stevens “Father and Son” always gets a solid lump in the throat going. Something about that record just cuts so deep and yet it is so incredibly beautiful at the same time. But actually, a seriously low-key sad song we all overlook is Mr Brightside… it’s pretty crazy when you think about how packed football stadiums will chant the lyrics to this song like as if it’s We Are The Champions or something when in reality, the lyrics are about walking into a bar and finding your girl cheating on you… thats messed up right?

Q: What makes a track a hit?

If you find the answer to this, please let us know.

Q: Which musical era would you visit if you could travel back in time?

Disco era for sure. Catch your boys in the club with some bell bottoms on, some roller skates, and a big fro—what a time to be alive.


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Q: Who was your role model while growing up?

Blink 182. So happy they are back.

Q: What makes you feel unstoppable?

Gravity. Packed on a few pounds in LA recently and the feeling of inertia is wild these days. 

Serious answer? When we are on stage and connect with the crowd. There is no better feeling than the adrenaline you get from being on stage. If you could bottle that emotion and sell it, you’d be a rich man.

Q: What would be on the gag reel of your life?

On the plane yesterday, Tristan got insanely warm, and was all flustered meanwhile I was sitting next to him, frozen. Turns out instead of opening the air vent, he just twisted the little reading light around lol. 

Q: How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?

Mathematicians at New York University have come up with an answer: 1,000. Previous studies, however, found it only took a few hundred licks to get to the chewy center.

Q: Would you travel to space? (if yes, which planet if no, then why not)?

100% yes. Always been a fantasy of ours. I want to say Mars because it’s likely the one we know the most about; however, there are so many other possibilities out there.

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