Ultra Music Festival Wins Prestigious Sustainability Award: A Leader in Environmental Responsibility


Ultra Music Festival Wins Prestigious Sustainability Award: A Leader in Environmental Responsibility

Ultra Music Festival, Miami’s iconic electronic music event, has further solidified its position as a global leader in environmental responsibility by winning the prestigious Sustainability Team Award at the recent World Sustainability Awards ceremony. Held at The Garden Of Amsterdam, this accolade underscores Ultra’s commitment to sustainability and its significant efforts in promoting environmental stewardship within the music festival industry.

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The World Sustainability Awards, an annual event recognizing organizations that prioritize sustainability in their strategic development, attracted submissions from a diverse range of companies worldwide. Despite stiff competition from international corporations, Ultra Music Festival emerged victorious, standing out among 13 winners selected from a pool of 220 applicants spanning 35 countries.

The festival’s sustainability initiatives, spearheaded by its Mission: Home program, garnered praise from a panel of 25 industry-leading judges. Mission: Home, led by a diverse team of four women, embodies a collaborative approach to sustainability, engaging internal teams, external vendors, event staff, and community partners. This inclusive strategy has been instrumental in achieving remarkable results, including the elimination of nearly 90% of single-use plastics from the festival site and diverting 180,000 pounds of waste from landfills.


Vivian Belzaguy Hunter, Director of Sustainability at Ultra Music Festival, emphasizes the power of music and art to inspire collective action in protecting the planet. Mission: Home’s attendee-facing awareness campaigns, broadcasted to millions globally via on-site signage, digital platforms, and UMFTV livestreams, have raised awareness and educated festival-goers on sustainability issues.

Since its inception in 2019, Mission: Home has produced comprehensive sustainability reports detailing its achievements and impact. These reports have garnered recognition from the events industry and environmental organizations, affirming Ultra’s commitment to transparency and accountability.


In collaboration with partners like Clean Vibes and Replenysh, Ultra Music Festival has implemented innovative waste management strategies, diverting thousands of pounds of waste from landfills and promoting recycling within the domestic supply chain. Additionally, partnerships with food vendors and hydration solutions providers have significantly reduced single-use plastics and food waste, benefiting local communities.

Ultra’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond waste reduction to energy efficiency and carbon emissions reduction. Collaborations with experts like ZAP Concepts and CES Power have identified opportunities for improving energy efficiency and mitigating climate impacts, demonstrating the festival’s holistic approach to environmental stewardship.

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Emily Milton, Sustainability Program Manager at Ultra Music Festival, acknowledges the collective effort of partners and vendors in making their sustainability initiatives possible. With ongoing support, Ultra aims to expand its impact and inspire others in the music festival industry to embrace environmental responsibility.

Looking ahead, Ultra Music Festival is excited to announce the return of the Mission: Home program for its fourth iteration in March 2024. With a renewed focus on waste reduction, pollution prevention, nature preservation, community engagement, and climate action, Ultra remains committed to leading by example and inspiring positive change within the industry and beyond.


Russell Faibisch, Ultra’s Founder and CEO, expresses pride in the festival’s achievements and its recognition as an industry leader in sustainability. As Ultra continues its journey towards a more sustainable future, it invites partners, audiences, and communities to join them in their mission to protect the planet.

For more information and updates on Ultra Music Festival’s sustainability efforts, visit https://ultramusicfestival.com/mission-home.

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