Xiolynn Promises a Shift in Her Musical Spectrum Where Fans May See More of Her Latin Roots

Eclectic singer and songwriter Xiolynn joined us at the Greats Brooklyn pop-up studio during Nexus Lounge Miami. She talked about her Latin roots, teased a shift into her genre, and participated in our Take 5 series!

Xiolynn was born and raised in New York City’s Upper West Side. Xio has always been surrounded by music and trained to sing professionally. She started creating songs in her late teens and eventually developed a genuine sound that reflects how she thinks and talks. Despite her eccentric and easygoing demeanor, her music encompasses many emotions, writing about her life’s most profound and simple aspects.


The Latin singer has been a ghostwriter for several other musicians, including Skyzoo The Writer. She helps performers of all stripes with things like harmonies, lead vocals, toplines, producer reference recordings, live shows, and original music composition.

Being in the music industry for over seven years, working at labels, and writing on the back end with musicians worldwide, her work falls somewhere between acoustic pop, jazzy r&b, soul, dance, and lofi.

Despite the wide range of her genres, Xiolynn feels something needs to be added. As a Dominican American, she needed to create more music that celebrates her roots. “We’ll be making a lot of new music. I’m tapping into more of the Latin market, writing more in Spanish,” the artist revealed

While we patiently await her new era, Xiolynn has already gifted us a stunning new track, “Sweet,” a collaboration with the famed artist donSMITH. Given its timeless message—accepting peace and loving others while you still can—this song was composed and recorded over 5 years ago!

Xiolynn teased us even more, saying, “I’m working with my boyfriend and our very good friend Karma. We have been doing a lot of Latin hip-hop. Back at home, I would do a lot of R&B, but now I want to get more into writing in Spanish.”

On a side note, Xiolynn has a passion for music composition but isn’t unaware of the possibility of an AI takeover. “I think that one day, you’ll be able to write feelings into a search engine, and then they’ll make the beat for you. I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I think it’s good for inspiration. But I do love it when anything comes from our brain.”

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