Early September this year, Calvin Harris made his return as a vocalist with his single “My Way”, his first single featuring his voice after 2014 smash hit “Summer”. He then attributed Pharell Williams to him taking up to vocals again. Harris has now released the music video for the single “My Way”.

In the song, Harris sings: “Why wait to say ‘At least I did it my way’/Lie awake two-faced, but in my heart I understand/I made my move and it was all about you/Now I feel so far removed/You were the one thing in my way.” Listening to those lyrics, sounding more like a ‘diss track’, could one really blame the listeners? But the producer revealed the track was one he began writing several years ago when he was plotting his escape from a minimum wage job and entrance into the lucrative but notoriously difficult to crack music industry.

Although, despite this public statement to the contrary, the “My Way” VIDEO speaks volumes of Taylor shade. Fans were quick to point out comparisons of Harris’ tropical house track visually to prior videos from his ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift.

The video for “My Way” features a futuristic concept that sees the Scottish producer and a love interest within a glitching reality simulation. In the video, Harris relives a relationship turned sour through a virtual reality headset.

Do watch the video below and let know your thoughts in the comments section.