Demi Lovato, ‘Demi’: Track Review


Demi Lovato, ‘Demi’: Track Review

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Demi‘s new album was one of the more exciting albums this year. Anyone and Everyone were pretty hyped up about the release. “Demi” her 4th album is packed with 13 tracks that billboard was boasting about in their track by track review. I have a track listing below and some of the audio to go along with it. Here’s a little preview of the album that everyone is talking about!

Lovato was a musical star to those who didn’t know the details of her prior personal struggles, and many of those who did viewed the singer as a source of inspiration. As anticipation mounted for her next full-length, pop fans didn’t wonder if the album was going to be a success, but whether or not it would bring the singer to the upper echelon of the genre, to a place reserved for vocalists with a deep catalogue of hits and a magnetism that makes them empirically unavoidable.

1. Heart Attack

2. Made in the USA

3. Without The Love

4. Neon Lights

5. Two Pieces

6. Nightingale

7. In Case

8. Really Don’t Care feat. Cher Lloyd

9. Fire Starter

10. Something That We’re Not

11. Never Been Hurt

12. Shouldn’t Come Back

13. Warrior

Demi’s album is totally available to preview on her Vevo. Her album will be available on iTunes May14th! Are you ready? I am going to LOVE this album I can already tell its going to be a super hit.


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