A year after filling our news feeds with vitriol, alarm, and division, the 2016 US Presidential election finally came to a conclusion with Donald Trump snubbing Hillary Clinton for the title of President-Elect.

During the year-long tumultuous campaign, the EDM community, in particular, has shown itself to be particularly liberal, and notably anti-Trump. While music producers should not be our direct source of information for political knowledge, they are public figures who are able to influence the minds of thousands across the nation.

Below we’ve compiled some of the DJ reactions to Donald Trump’s win, with Diplo, Skrillex, Zedd and more making their voices heard. A few tried to inspire some hope among fans, while others seemed generally concerned for the future.

Zedd had earlier stated he would leave the country if Trump was elected. His tweet following the election has us worried, he was serious after all.


Below are some further tweets following the election from EDM stars –